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Review of Classic Window Fashions
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These diverse window treatments offer versatility, personality and functionality to any room in your home. They work to block direct sun, as well as darken a room. They can be used on their own or in conjunction with other window coverings. This helps add insulation to keep the room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. There are a number of styles and designs to choose from.

Mandalay Shades


Our unique Maxxmar Mandalay shades will add beauty and elegance to any room in your home

  • Maximize your view while controlling the amount of light that comes in
  • Available in a variety of textures, colours and opacities
  • Choose from dual shade, roller shade or tri-shade designs, depending on how much light you want to let in

Roller Shades


These are one of the most customizable types of shades.

  • Wide variety of fabrics, colours and styles
  • Several options for controlling light, allowing for greater flexibility
  • Affordable, easy to operate and manage, and they fit nicely with any decor
  • Ideal option for bedrooms, sun rooms, bathrooms and living rooms
  • Light-control options include light-filtering, sheer, room-darkening, privacy and blackout
  • Control options include cordless lift, smart pull lift, continuous loop-lift and motorized lift, which is recommended for homes with children and pets

Classic Window Fashions in Edmonton offers a wide variety of designs for your home.

Pleated Shades


Pleated shades are an affordable way to freshen up your home's decor and add a new dimension to any room, particularly when used on multiple windows within a room. The pleated accordion style design adds both elegance and sophistication to your overall decor and stacks flat when raised, providing a full open view.

  • Several fabric styles including light-filtering and room-darkening
  • Available in several textures and fabrics including sheer designs that offer maximum privacy, UV protection and softened views
  • Use them on their own, or to complement drapery panels
  • Can be custom designed to fit any sized window, including skylights, angled and arched window styles
  • Top-down & bottom-up options to allow for maximum privacy, while still letting natural light to filter in
  • Several control options, including cordless or motorized lifts

If you're looking for maximum light control, insulation and privacy options, ask us about our pleated shades.

Roman Shades


If you want an elegant look to your room, Roman shades are a popular choice. These offer the traditional and sophisticated look of draperies, but give the modern convenience of window shades.

  • Functional, bold and romantic, and will add drama to any room
  • Save on energy costs by adding extra insulation
  • Variety of fabrics to help control light and maintain privacy
  • Shade colours are offered in neutral shades on the street-facing side, to allow for a cohesive look
  • Shade fabrics offered in silks, patterns, stripes and jacquards

Cellular Shades


Cellular shades are among the most versatile window coverings available on the market today. Also called honeycomb shades, these are designed with small pockets that work to enhance your home's energy efficiency.

  • Available in different sizes and designs so you can control the amount of light coming in
  • Variety of fabric widths, colours and styles
  • Light control options include light filtering and room darkening

Classic Window Fashions in Edmonton can customize cellular shades / honeycomb shades for any sized window.

Solar Shades


Solar shades help keep energy costs down by shielding / reflecting the sun's heat. They also help reduce glare from the sun, making them an ideal solution for any room that uses televisions or computer monitors.

  • Variety of designs to create the perfect look to any room
  • Reduces the need for air conditioning
  • Minimizes effects of UV Rays
  • Protects furniture from discoloration and fading caused be the sun
  • Allows you to enjoy your view outside

Classic Window Fashions Edmonton can help customize a look that's right for your home.